A brief information about DGI

Dorcas Generation Initiative combines a commitment to efficient operating principles with compassion for the poor widows. In addition to business loans, microfinance programs (soft loans and interest free), skills acquisition, personalized training and support, our programmes include welfare and care and free legal services. These are aimed at providing support for those who may be too weak, too old, or due to other factors are unable to work. DGI believe that even in distressed economies, lives can be transformed.

Beginning in 1999, and officially registered in 2010, DGI is still touching lives over a decade later. We work with lawyers who handle cases probono for the widows; thanks to Taiwo Taiwo Chambers. We assist them with soft loans for small scale businesses. We feed, clothe and provide them with shelter. Our next phase is to set up skill acquisition centers for them in different states of Nigeria and we believe that we can with your widows mite. Join us to make the world a better place for these widows and their fatherless children.