Meet ABN

ABN, as she is fondly called by her teeming fans, is a relationship consultant, mentor and professional speaker at Corporate and Religious Conferences who is dedicated to assisting people with their interpersonal relationships. AMARA Blessing Nwosu graduated from the University of Lagos, Revival Christian Academy, and Protocol School of Washington. She has attended several seminars Relating to women, men and children. She has authored three books (Men’s Grooming and Women’s Grooming, and A Raging River). ABN is a popular Newspaper columnist with weekly articles in The Guardian and Entertainment Express newspapers. By moving into the counseling field and guided by the London Institute of Counseling, she would be concentrating on her particular area of interest, interpersonal relationships, life issues, and intimacy. Amara has been consulting with individuals, couples and speaking professionally for over 10 years. She is the founder of Dorcas Initiative for widows; catering for widows in several communities across the country. In 2012, she founded the CAWACI Club which is dedicated to helping less privileged children already in public schools and hospitals.

ABN has a broad range of life experience, is well received by multi-faceted and multi-cultural groups, has a wonderful way of making people feel relaxed and comfortable, giving them the opportunity to engage with her readily and source the practical solutions that they need to acquire in order to advance their relationships.

Amara Blessing Nwosu has worked closely alongside medical, Welfare, Cooperate and legal professionals for years, ranging from Social Workers, Employers and Attorneys helping people to achieve and maintain successful relationships.

Amara’s Personal Story
ABN experienced great personal trauma when she was given out in marriage at a tender age of seventeen. She had been a teenage bride, who, in spite of the spousal abuse that she constantly faced and lived with, she remained committed to her marriage due to her christian upbringing and cultural values, until it was no longer tenable to raise her children under the circumstance of such demeaning abuse. This made her determined to discover the secret to relationship success, and not to accept failure as an option. Driven by her determination, ABN uncovered valuable lessons and secrets to keeping it all together, enjoying who you are and succeeding in what you do. “Being the person God created you to be” became her watch anthem.

A high achiever herself, ABN is a businesswoman, entrepreneur, and mother of four wonderful children. ABN believes in practical solutions and is dedicated to helping individuals solve their problems and live a happy balanced life.


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Amara Blessing Nwosu